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I recently decided that I would like the capability to go mobile with a radio, not since the days of CB have I had an Antenna on the car. That's the reason why I've probably been put off until now, bad memories of Mag mount flying off whilst travelling down the A5! Well putting those memories aside I looked at various Dual Band 2M and 70Cms Options and decided that the best one for me (I have a Glass Roof so Mag Mounts thankfully not really an option) was an On Glass Antenna. I decided on the GF151 from  Moonraker which is a local company based in Woburn Sands that I have been using for many years.

After looking at various options I decided on the rear nearside skylight window, installation was fairly painless although I would recommend getting somebody in my case the wife to help you align the 2 sticky pads, once they are on there's no really taking them off. Another thing to do is make sure the end of the counterpoise is pressed against the inside glass (it has a rubber cover) otherwise it vibrates against the glass. Modern technology really does develop in leaps and bounds. Imagine talking about mobile radios, broadcasts especially made for smart mobile phones and crazy mp3 gadgets twenty years ago. No one would have believed you!

Gain on 2m is quoted at  2.9dBd & 70cm 4.3dBd, length is 80cm, power upto 50 watts, 5m of cable and PL259, VSWR is quoted as 1.5:1 or better.
Using my Yaeusu 817 on 2m with 5 watts I achieved a VSWR of 1.2:1 which is fine. Reception seems pretty good with an S9 sitting on my driveway from my local repeater 24 miles away.