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About Me

Hello there my names Richard Baker and I'm a UK based Radio Amateur, Callsign G7SXH. I got my ticket back in 94 and held a Full Class B Licence, with the demise of Morse Code I now Hold a Full Licence.
I have had an Interest in Radio since the CB Days in the 1980's when I could be heard for many an hour blasting out with my Echoe Mic.

My interest in Radio soon turned proffesional at the age of 17 when I Joined The Royal Air Force.

I'm currently working for a Large UK Telecommunications Company as a Switch Voice and Transmission Engineer working on SDH Optical Transmission Equipment.
I have a varied Interest in all forms of Radio from listening to DAB to HF Radio Listening. Sadly I don't get the time to spend as much time as I would like on Amateur Radio but generally listen out on 2 Metres or 70 CM's. Have a Yaesu 817 Portable Multimode with a long wire aerial so do listen out on HF as well.