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Yaesu VX-3

The VX-3 Is a Dual Band Handheld Transceiver covering the 144 & 430  MHz HAM Bands.
There are 3 selectable output powers,  Low 1 : 0.1W, Low 2 : 0.3W & High :  1.5W
Seen here with the optional  CSC-92 Soft Case.
There is a dual Rx Function for the AM and FM Stereo Bands so you can listen to them at the same time as monitoring the Ham Band, very handy.
The Unit has great wideband Rx
0.5 - 1.8 MHz (BC Band),
1.8 - 30 MHz (SW Band),
30  - 76  MHz (50 MHz HAM Band),
76  - 108 MHz (FM Band),
108 - 137 MHz (Air Band),
137 - 174 MHz (144 MHz HAM Band),
174 - 222 MHz (VHF TV Band),
222 - 420 MHz (ACT1 Band),
420 - 470 MHz (430 MHz HAM Band),
470 - 800 (729) (UHF TV Band),
(757 - 774) (UHF TV Band),
800 - 998.990 MHz (GEN2, USA Cellular Blocked)
Radio comes with a
FNB-82Li  3.7V 1000mAh Rechargable Lithium Ion Battery Pack,
NC-85U UK Charger and
YHA-66 Aerial
I brought the optional MH-34B4B Speaker Microphone which works very well, it uses a 3.5mm plug connector which fits between the Antenna and the Main Control Knob on the top of the radio.
As you can see from this picture the radio is incredibly small, I couldn't beleive how small it was when I opened the box!
Don't be put off by the low power output, I can easily open my local repeater 25 miles away on .5 of a Watt.
This has to be one of my favourite radios, think I've owned this one for about 18 months now. The radio is solidly built with a host of great features, it easily fits into a shirt pocket. Volume output is more than sufficient for normal use, there are earpiece sockets on both the radio and the speaker mic as well for noisy environments.
For the Full Specs visit the Yaesu UK Website CLICK HERE for the link.